Test Your Basic Knowledge of LPGas

The following five questions relate to the storage, handling, distribution and application of LPGas. Test your basic LPGas product knowledge by inserting your answers on the linked document. From each question there is only one correct answer. After you have made your five selections email the saved document to info@lpgas.com.au.


1. Under normal atmospheric temperature and pressure LPGas is in:

 (a) Vapour form

 (b) Liquid form

 (c) Vapour and Liquid form

 (d) Solid form

2. One volumetric unit of liquid propane creates how many volumetric units of propane vapour?

 (a) 25

 (b) 75

 (c) 175

 (d) 270

3. The vapour pressure of an LPGas cylinder changes with:

 (a) Humidity

 (b) Temperature

 (c) Volume of the cylinder

 (d) Size of the cylinder

4. The flammable limits of LPGas vapour in air are:

 (a) 32 - 42%

 (b) 22 - 30%

 (c) 12 - 20%

 (d)  2 - 10%

5. What happens when the valve is opened on an LPGas cylinder?

 (a) Pressure falls

 (b) Liquid boils

 (c) Heat is absorbed from the ambient air through the cylinder

 (d) All of these things


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